Symbiosis of man and machine

ÖSWAG machinery

In order to meet the increasingly specific requirements of our customers, we are constantly striving to invest in our machinery and keep it up to date with the latest technology.

Our 3 main divisions are milling, turning and grinding.

The 3 most important divisions of our production

We can complete our portfolio with machines for sheet metal working such as laser cutting machines, plate shears, saws as well as press brakes. Here, our 1,000-ton press brake deserves special mention. It can process sheets with dimensions of up to 9,000mm in length as well as a sheet thickness of up to 35mm.

oeswag press tool sq
1. milling

On our travelling column boring mills we can machine components up to a length of 14,000mm and a height of 4,500mm.

5-axis machining centers from component size 800x800x800mm up to 8000x2500x2200mm are at our disposal.

oeswag mechanical engineering machining turning ventilatoprgehaeuse sq
2. turning

We can machine rotationally symmetrical components up to 2,000mm in diameter and 10,000mm in length. But smaller machines are also available here.

oeswag machining grinding cup grinding peripheral grinding
3. grinding

In recent years, due to increased customer requests, grinding has become more and more of an issue. Therefore, we invested in machines that allow the grinding of components up to a length of 7,500mm. A cylindrical grinding machine is also in our machine park.