At ÖSWAG you have all machining technologies combined at one location. Whether turning, milling, grinding or eroding, the machining of complicated and precise components is one of our core competencies. 


A solution for everything

With the help of our processing machines, our customers have an almost unlimited technological variety at their disposal. 

Depending on the application, we can turn, erode, mill and grind small to large components. With our 25 processing machines and our experienced employees, we can machine components with the highest precision exactly according to customer specifications. Turbine parts, steel foundations and large components for mechanical engineering are our profession. We have already machined and manufactured workpieces for the paper industry, plastics industry, rolling mill technology and apparatus engineering.

Our processing machines are directly connected to our CAD-CAM system, which enables us to simulate every single processing step and to prevent processing errors in advance.

Complex component geometry?

Comer on and test our CNC programming with subsequent manufacturing!

Large parts, small tolerances

Large parts machining

When it comes to machining heavy and complex components, you have come to the right place.

At our location in Linz, 3 different travelling column boring mills with rotary tables are available for the machining of large parts. With the help of these processing machines it is possible for us to process components up to 14,000 mm in length. In height we can mill up to 4.500 mm and the crane capacity allows us a max. component weight of 50t.

In order to be able to react flexibly to customer requirements, we have the option of mounting different milling heads depending on the machining and component geometry.

Mechanical engineering customers

Satisfied customers throughout Europe

Whether manufacturing or repair orders, the name ÖSWAG stands for reliability and quality.

At the cutting edge of technology

5-axis machining

With 5-axis machining technology, a component can be milled in five planes (3 planes and 2 rotary axes) simultaneously without repositioning components. 

This technology enables us to manufacture complex component geometries with tight shape tolerances. At ÖSWAG we have 9 machining centers on which we can offer complex 5-axis machining. Shuttle tables allow us to set up while machining is in progress and help us produce your components as cost effectively as possible. 4 turning-milling machining centers complete our portfolio and allow turning and milling in one clamping.

Special machining such as interpolation turning is also possible with us. Modern machining software enables our programmers and machining technicians to turn your ideas into reality.

Long turned parts


Due to the propeller shaft production for shipbuilding, we at ÖSWAG are specialized in particularly long and precise turned parts.

At our location in Linz we are equipped with 2 sliding headstock lathes on which drive or turbine shafts, winding forms or other mechanical components are machined.

Our max. component size is Ø900 x 10.000mm or Ø2.000 x 8.000mm, the max. component weight is 10t. For carousel turning with driven tools, Ø2,000 x 1,500mm are possible.

Highest precision

Manufacture of guide rails

Our customers' machines must reliably deliver top performance. To ensure this, ÖSWAG manufactures high-precision and wear-resistant roller and sliding guide rails.

Based on your production drawing we are able to produce guide rails individually in µm accuracy. We have 5 grinding machines and 2 machining centers on which we produce precision ground slats up to a length of 7,500 mm.

Machines are also available for precise-angle end grinding and the erosion of special shapes or lubrication holes.

All magnetic materials can be ground and machined in-house. The subsequent heat treatment (through hardening, inductive hardening or nitriding) is carried out with the help of long-term technology partners.

With ÖSWAG to success

Trust in the services of our experts

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