From planning to FE calculation to the finished solution, we implement your project. Whether machine, plant, tool or device - we have technical expertise.


Innovative solutions

From design and detail engineering to project execution, we create modern machines & plants.

The focal points in our construction range from classic machine and plant construction to the development of tools, devices or special machines for the most diverse industrial requirements.

Due to our extensive manufacturing spectrum we are able to identify cost reduction potentials at a very early stage and incorporate them into the design.

We find the SOLUTION!

Together we get to the bottom of errors and problems and develop a suitable concept.


Investments have to be well thought out, therefore we consider all relevant circumstances and develop customized concepts. Whether designs, concepts or budget calculations, we look forward to a joint project.

oeswag mechanical engineering construction track ramp


FE calculations have become an indispensable part of modern mechanical and plant engineering and are therefore carried out directly in our company. We work with the Siemens NX Advanced Simulation software and perform both static and dynamic analyses.

3D & 2D construction

From the creation of a 3D model to the finished working drawing, you can count on our experience. Constant contact with our customers allows many details to be included in the finished drawings.

Project file handling

We ensure that machines and plants are manufactured according to the calculations and designs. Through constant quality and production monitoring in-house and at our certified suppliers , we minimize errors and prevent delays. In constant contact with the clients, we find the best possible way for both sides in every situation.

oeswag construction project management


The larger and more complex a project, the more important the documentation.

Operating manuals,
spare parts lists,
electrical circuit diagrams,

hydraulic diagrams,
pneumatic circuit diagrams,
risk assessments,
CE declarations of conformity,
software descriptions
and much more are carefully prepared.

oeswag construction documentation

With ÖSWAG to success

Trust in the services of our experts

If you need more information in the field of mechanical engineering, please ask us your question.