Steel and plant engineering

From planning and project planning to realization, maintenance and servicing. Our team covers your requirements with a variety of necessary expertise and passion. 

Steel & plant engineering

Complete solutions from a single source

With us you get all services from one source, from sheet metal working to painting, all work steps can be done in-house.

Thanks to our well equipped machine park we are able to process large single parts up to 50t. Steel components can be welded and manipulated up to an individual weight of 80t. Stainless steels and aluminum are tacked and welded in a separate hall.

The requirements in the field of sheet metal processing, whether prototype or series production, we implement efficiently and economically according to the drawing. Modern equipment and competent employees support the production and accompany the order until delivery.

Heavy steel structures

With the help of our 15m long laser cutting machines as well as our press brakes up to a pressure force of 1000t we are the ideal partner for your steel construction. Convince yourself !

Thin sheet processing

Cabins for the railroad industry

In our specially equipped thin sheet processing facility, we manufacture cabins for various applications according to customer requirements.

 More than 100 cabins leave our factory premises every year, most of them are used in railroad construction. 20% of the cabins are now made of aluminum. Due to the weight reduction, the fuel consumption at the final machine can be reduced. In order to leave a good optical impression, all cabins are inductively straightened and sandblasted or specially sanded before painting.

Mechanical engineering customers

Satisfied customers throughout Europe

Whether manufacturing or repair orders, the name ÖSWAG stands for reliability and quality.

We bring steel into shape

Sheet metal working

However, our machinery is not only available to you for large projects in steel plant construction.

Our team will be happy to take care of your request. From cutting to edging, individual services or complete packages can be offered. Here you will find our extensive offer on the subject of sheet metal processing:

  • Laser cutting machine

Blanks up to the size 12.000 x 3.000 mm

  • Oxyfuel & Plasma Cutting Machine 

Blanks up to the size 14.000 x 6.000 mm

  • Press brake 1000t

Flashings up to a length of 9,000 mm 

  • Winder

Pipes up to a length of 4,000 mm

  • Swivel bending machines
  • Profile rolling machine
  • Shaft straightening press
  • Inductive straightening system

With ÖSWAG to success

Trust in the services of our experts

If you need more information in the field of mechanical engineering, please ask us your question.