Construction & design

From conceptual design to documentation, our team develops innovative solutions for shipbuilding. Our focus is on new construction projects, as well as the conversion of ships, boats and pontoons.

Creations with heart and mind

Concept & design

Shipbuilding projects must be well thought out due to the high investment costs involved.

Since each ship is unique, we can react flexibly to customer wishes. As early as the planning phase, we take all relevant requirements into account and develop customized results.

With the help of photorealistic renderings, we give a preview of the finished ship. This also applies to the interior, so the final design can be optimally adapted and executed.

Mockups for ergonomically important parts are also part of the program. 

Whether planning, concepts or design drafts, we are your contact!


We will gladly and conscientiously support you without losing sight of the costs.

Safety for your ship

Calculation & simulation

With our calculation software and our simulation programs, we can put shipbuilding projects through their paces and show or depict loads and flows.

With the classical FE calculations, which we perform with Siemens NX Advanced Simulation, wind loads or deformations are calculated. These calculations and simulations have become more and more important as they help to realize a product with the very highest quality.

To increase ride comfort , an analysis of the wave pattern is simulated. This optimizes the hull so that wave formation is reduced to a minimum and results in a smoother ride. Stability evaluation and structural analysis also contribute to a successful design. For larger projects, towing tests with wooden models can also be carried out in a test facility. 

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New construction, conversion, service or repair - we as ÖSWAG are a reliable partner.

From planning to realization

3D & 2D construction

Our design team knows the exact requirements of inland navigation and incorporates know-how and experience into the preparation of plans and drawings.

We work with a current software from Siemens NX with an - especially for shipbuilding developed - add-on.

During the design process, direct contact with the customer is essential. Only in this way can we get an exact picture of the idea, requirement and wishes in order to develop an exactly tailored product.

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Project management

The most precise organization possible precedes smooth project execution. Only in this way can deadlines and operational processes be precisely adhered to and coordinated. In order to avoid bottlenecks or to respond to the unforeseen, our staff reacts quickly and flexibly.


The complexity in shipbuilding lies primarily in the interdependence of shipbuilding and technical conditions.

All steps and measures concerning the design and equipment taken during the development period are described in the project documentation. The aim of a docu is the traceability of decisions and thus a uniform understanding of the ACTUAL and TARGET status during subsequent work (maintenance, service, servicing, repairs, conversions...).

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