New builds

The construction of ships was and is our strength. In addition to service and repair, we build modern passenger ships, emergency boats and various floating facilities.

New builds

Everything you have in mind

The construction of - individually customized - special ships has a long tradition at ÖSWAG.

In the more than 180 years of our company's history, over 1500 new ships have been successfully delivered.

Our production facilities in the manufacturing are oriented for inland navigation. A shipbuilding hall with a length of 140m and a width of 35m enables weather-protected work at any time of the year.

A 270m long slipway is the link between the shipbuilding hall and the water.

Inland seagoing vessels are built in sections, then dismantled and transported to their destination. Reassembly takes place on site.

Do you need a new ship?

Come to us, we will be happy to advise you. We plan and build ships for every purpose with a lot of experience and enthusiasm.

Get in and feel good

Passenger ships

Ships should not only be functional, the guest should also feel comfortable on the journey.

This feeling can already be felt when entering our passenger ships.

Together with selected suppliers, manufacturers and the client, ideas and specifications are analyzed and implemented.

When it comes to maximizing both comfort and efficiency, the entire ÖSWAG team is actively on hand to help.

For the transport of vehicles and goods

Ferries, cargo and work ships

More than 80 percent of global trade is handled by ship, and the trend is rising.

Because the traffic on the road at the same time becomes more and more dense, the requirements for modern ferries, cargo ships and workboats increase enormously. Equipment, efficiency and size are significant factors with a large presence in the construction.

Due to our open-mindedness in the field of technical development, material improvement and fashionable trends, we also score in the design and manufacture of these special ships and boats.


Modern drive systems

Operation boats

Is the procurement of a new response boat on the horizon?

We support you as a competent company with innovative solutions.

We manufacture operational boats (e.g. for water supervision, police, rescue, fire department, federal army) according to special requirements for the respective operation.

The hull made of high-strength aluminum reduces the weight, consequently there are advantages for the speed and maneuverability of a boat. Outboard, inboard engines or jet propulsion, any type of propulsion can be integrated into the design of a boat.

You wish, we deliver!

Your operational boat needs additional protection from the weather?

We are also happy to manufacture the right boat garage for you.

More than just ships

Pontoons and piers

A pontoon is an anchored floating structure used as a water level dependent support for various tasks.

We manufacture pontoons mainly from steel . The sheets used are sandblasted and preserved.

Typical applications: floating jetties, hulls for dredgers, cranes , working platforms, floating platforms and floating bodies for cafes and restaurants. Pontoons also support the "waterfront living" trend.

Individual projects

Special designs

Do you need a special type of float?

Describe your project to us, we will be happy to advise you and together we will implement your project.

An excerpt from special plants "Made by ÖSWAG":

With ÖSWAG to success

Your ship is in good hands

Whatever your concern about shipbuilding, we have the answer.