From prototypes to series products, we offer state-of-the-art surface finishes. High-quality and resistant surfaces produced in an environmentally friendly manner. 


Reliable specialized company

You would like to have your components refined and are looking for an experienced specialist company?

We at ÖSWAG have also specialized in painting and are always there for you. Due to our painting and sandblasting cabins as well as the experienced employees, we can offer surface finishing in the highest quality and at flexible conditions.

We work according to your paint and lacquer specification, independent of the manufacturer. In our paint booths we work with the most modern equipment according to the current environmental and health standards. Due to the circulating air heat treatment of our exhaust system, we can save energy and thus protect the environment.

Sandblasting and priming of sheet metal

At ÖSWAG we have a sandblasting preservation plant in operation, which automatically sandblasts and primes sheet metal or profiles.

High quality surfaces


Painting is usually divided into priming and coating. In the case of priming, after rust removal by sandblasting, a layer of paint with anti-corrosion pigments is applied, which protects the component from weathering and forms the basis for the top coat.

The top coat is the final layer of paint that gives the component its desired color. However, this is not only done for aesthetic reasons, because this layer is applied densely and without pores and is intended to protect the base coat from external influences. If necessary or required, intermediate layers can also be applied.

Applying the coating creates significant benefits that ensure the long-term value retention and lifetime of your products:

For coating, we have two options in house:

Steel derusting


Before components can be painted, they must be pretreated. This is usually done by sandblasting.

In the process, rust and scale are removed, the surface is compacted and roughened so that the paint adheres better. With our blasting cabin with the dimensions of 25x6m we can blast even very large parts.

In addition to the sandblasting cabin, we also have a standing blasting preservation plant in operation, with which we can process sheets with max. dimensions of 2,500 x 350mm. This is a continuous line, the sheets are placed on a roller conveyor and are automatically conveyed through the line. The final result is a surface with a blasting quality of SA 2.5. If desired, a primer of 20-30µm can also be applied fully automatically.

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