Contract manufacturing

So that you can concentrate on your core business, we manufacture according to your specifications and plans.

Contract manufacturing

Individual steel construction

Contract manufacturing in steel and plant engineering is an ideal complement in parallel with shipbuilding.

Through our sister company ÖSWAG Maschinenbau we have access to a modern equipped machinery. Many work steps such as sheet metal processing up to painting are carried out in our own company. Steel components up to a single weight of 80t are processed. 

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With our large-format laser cutting system and various press brakes with up to 1000t compressive force, we cover a wide range of manufacturing requirements.

oeswag shipyard supplier railroad construction

Suppliers for railroad construction

Frame building

Due to our precise manufacturing, we have also established ourselves well in the railroad construction industry. Our chassis frames are up to the high testing requirements. We comply with the EN 15085-2 (CL1) standard and are thus certified for the welding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts

oeswag contract manufacturing chassis frame

We bring steel into shape

Sheet metal working

Thanks to a large internal and external network, we are able to cover a wide range of mechanical sheet metal processing.

In addition, so-called "semi-finished products" can also be processed and shaped by us using CNC milling, CNC turning as well as 3D printing. We offer the following strategies and processes:

  • Laser cutting machine

Blanks up to the size 12.000 x 3.000 mm

  • Oxyfuel & Plasma Cutting Machine 

Blanks up to the size 14.000 x 6.000 mm

  • Press brake 1000t

Flashings up to a length of 9,000 mm 

  • Winder

Pipes up to a length of 4,000 mm

  • Swivel bending machines
  • Profile rolling machine
  • Shaft straightening press
  • Inductive straightening system

With ÖSWAG to success

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