Repair & service

For economic operation, the constant availability of a ship has the highest priority. Our contribution to the safest possible voyage is the performance of comprehensive repair and service work.

Repair & service

Short waiting times

For scheduled service and for repairs of any kind, our location directly on the Danube is optimal.

Thanks to our versatility and flexibility, repairs or modifications to technical systems can be carried out quickly and without problems, even at short notice .

ON - BOARD Service

Our mobile response team will also come to you on board and make your vessel fully operational again.

From water to land


With the help of our slipway it is possible to take ashore all Danube and Rhine-Main vessels with a displacement of up to 3000 tons.

Due to the very large working area with a length of 270m and a width of 50m, several ships can be repaired at the same time.

The slip carriages can be controlled separately and selected individually for the slip operation depending on the weight and length of the vessel.

Our trained personnel guide the ships to the right position and then pull them ashore with great care. A tower crane reaches the entire area of the slipway and facilitates the work on the ships.

Everything around the ship


We repair average damage, failures and defects of electrical equipment and engines, renewal of insulation and corrosion protection, and much more:

  • Steel construction
    Repairs to the hull or superstructure, a damaged outer skin or leaks in the hull are all no problem.
  • Mechanics
    Work on gearboxes, shaft bearings, drives, engines, propellers and aggregates.
    In cooperation with our mechanical engineering mechanical processing of the mentioned components can also be carried out at short notice.
  • Electrical engineering
    All electrical installations on ships can be handled. No matter if repairs, service or extensions - our specialists are happy to help.
  • Corrosion protection
    Regular maintenance protects against corrosion. We pull the ship ashore, clean it from algae and mussels and mend faulty spots. 
  • HVAC technology
    Heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and plumbing technology is of great importance on ships, and we also cover this area.

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Service & Maintenance

Regular checks and inspections provide the basis for trouble-free safe and reliable continuous operation.

Maintenance and service work at all levels and areas are properly held by us.

By means of remote diagnosis, our service team is also on hand to provide support around the clock. In case of acute emergencies, we are on site within a short time and take care of the remedy.

With ÖSWAG to success

Your ship is in good hands

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